Connect any type of camera.

We adapt to any device and do not require any specific hardware.

It doesn't matter the technology or the brand: IP camera, webcam, NVR or even a video file. High resolution is also not required.

All video processing is done locally so there is zero bandwidth consumption, and we maintain privacy.



Vehicle counting and classification.

Mostly used for geographic locations with outdoor screens, where the audience travels in vehicles.

We count and classify in real time, we measure the speed of the vehicles, among other data, and then we apply a statistical methodology to know more accurately the number of people who passed by the screen. This data can be used to present brands as a report.


People counting

Mostly used for geographic locations with indoor screens or catwalks, where the audience travels on foot.

We count in real time, and we can obtain relevant data, such as residence times, heat maps, busiest places, alerts for exceeding the number of people in an area, etc.



Classification of people through Artificial Intelligence.

Mostly used for geographic locations with indoor screens in stores, malls, or catwalks, where the audience moves on foot near the screen. We count and classify information in real time through facial recognition. We can obtain very precise data on age, gender, emotions and permanence.

Build all kinds of stats.

Access the statistics panel to see all the events, the live cameras, and build reports as you like as well as share them with your clients.

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